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- How do I learn to code and change my life?

- What do I need to do to be a successful programmer?

- Why am I easily giving up along the way?

As of 2019, Code4Startup is a code school teaching over 75,000 people around the world how to code. Along the way, I learned that most of them usually struggle with the same questions and barriers. They don’t have a motivation or specific goals for their learning process. They don't know what technology to start with. And there are nowhere for them to learn real skill sets to solve real problems. We need another way to learn effectively.

We are going to build an On-demand platform for jobs and freelancers like Fiverr. But you can apply what you will be learning to any business models you want.

This course is a series of 3 Projects (Pikachu, Kong, Godzilla) with 3 different levels (Level 1, 2, 3).

Level 1 - Pikachu

  • Working with Rails 6
  • Working with Visual Studio Code
  • Working with Postgres database and tools
  • Verifying identity with social account
  • User Profile features (avatar, bio, location, etc) just like Fiverr
  • User Dashboard managing all of jobs, requests and offers
  • Posting job in steps (including how to use ActionText with drag and drop photos)
  • Creating requests for freelancers
  • Making offers to clients' requests
  • Managing both Buying and Selling orders

  • Accept/Reject multiple offers
  • User settings for Payment and Payout methods
  • Earning Dashboard listing all history transactions for revenue and expenses
  • Sending SMS Notification when a seller got new sales

  • ADVANCED User identification with SMS (via mobile #) with Facebook Account Kit
  • ADVANCED Credit Card processing with Stripe when buying a service
  • ADVANCED Build your own Wallet system handling income and expense
  • ADVANCED Build the Super Admin Dashboard (back-end) monitoring everything like Categories, Users, Jobs, for the whole platform
  • ADVANCED Super Admin can approve/reject Withdraw requests from sellers
  • ADVANCED Super Admin can view the Wallet history of specific users
  • ADVANCED Especially, the Escrow System that keeps track of funds per user and payout accordingly via Paypal API

Level 3 - Godzilla

  • Real-time Private Message with ActionCable
  • Attaching files to the conversation between sellers and buyers

  • SUPER ADVANCED Monthly Subscription Business system so that you can even use it in any Saas (Software as a Service) idea that you have
  • SUPER ADVANCED Create Subscription Plans with $ via Stripe API
  • SUPER ADVANCED Handle events via Stripe webhooks like subscribing, cancelling, etc
  • SUPER ADVANCED Smart Calendar for monitoring job deadline with notification

Plus 2 Free Bonuses

  • BONUS #1 - Fundamental Bulma in 1 Hour Course
  • BONUS #2 - Fundamental Ruby on Rails in 1 Hour Course

If you have any questions, please comment below :)